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From the recording We Are More

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Verse 1:
He was a lost boy didn't know where he was going
wondered what life was like beyond the/his dome
He was trying so hard to find new beginnings
Forgotten himself now he's on the last train home

Chorus 1:
Coming back from a long long three years
All hopes and dreams were sheared
When everything comes crashing down
There's nothing left to fear

So he's heading back for home

Verse 2:
She was a sweet girl with no sense a direction
she never knew what life was going to bring
She was now on a plane to seek new beginnings
All she knew was that she had-to sing

Chorus 2:
She’s here after some long three years
Has travelled through her worst fears
When things are done for the first time
There’s nothing you should fear

So she’s is finding a new home


Verse 3:
They had a big wish of sharing life together
Love, trust and persistence got them through
They set new goals and dreams with one another
With hard work they will come true

Chorus 3:
They’re here after all these years
Building something new, something dear
When things are meant to be happening
There’s nothing they can fear

So they’re building a new home

New home