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Dust Covered Eyes

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Verse 1:
Opening these dust covered eyes
Trying hard to blink away the light
Take a deep breath then let it go
Take a deep breath - hold

Stretch to get out of bed
Feel thick, yet thin, like paper that doesn’t bend
Get up only to feel not so alone
Get up only to do something and go

Back to this place
Come back from outer space
Discover a galaxy you’ve never been in before

Stop being a daydreamer
Start being a believer
You are the key that can open all the doors

Verse 2:
The handle is cold, the door is heavy
People in sweaters, not all look friendly
Small steps, crowded room, breathe slow
Small steps, crowded room, oh no

Palms start to sweat, as the next in line
Say something funny - pay three dollars and a dime
Take the cup and put your jacket on
Take the cup and go


Blacktopped roads, broken cellphone
Highs and lows stairs to go
Take the cup back home
Take the cup back home