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7000apart May Newsletter 2019 

May 2019 Newsletter 

Hey Friends! 

We wanted to do something a little different for May’s Newsletter. 

First, we wanted to tell you about some of the crazy exciting things we have coming up in May; then, we wanted to write a short piece about what has been going on with us throughout this We Are More debut album process. 

  • Our debut album “We Are More” is coming out on May 17th! We are so proud of these songs, they are very honest and vulnerable songs about what we has been going on with us for the past few years. You can pre-save our album on Spotify by clicking here or pre-order the physical CD/digital download by clicking here
  • Our album release shows are May 15th in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and May 22nd (Jon’s birthday!) in Stockholm, Sweden.  For the U.S. show, you can RSVP by emailing to get on the list to get in for free; otherwise, it is $5 at the door. For the Stockholm show, you can make a dinner reservation at: 
  • To date, we’ve released three singles, “Blank Check”, “Sorry” and “Close Your Eyes”.  You can listen to them here: 
  • To view our 2019 Tour Schedule you can go to our website by clicking here

We have been booking shows for 2019 and lots of people have been asking us to come to new cities which is really exciting! 

That being said, we also realized by trying to book new cities that traditional venues aren’t always open to new music artists performing in their city if they can’t bring lots of people to their establishment. That led us to the realization that living room shows are probably the best way for us to come to a new city. 

Just you, us and 20 friends who you think would enjoy our music! 

If you would be interested in hosting us in your city and helping us put together a living room tour, please email us at for more details and specific dates (looking to book in U.S.A. between July-October 2019). 

7000apart Journal - “Highs and Lows (Growing Pains)” by Jon Kresin 

No matter what it might look like on social media, so far 2019 has been an incredible year of highs and lows, also known as “growing pains”. 

On one hand, we have been faced with excitement for all of our new songs every day and massive amounts of motivation to work on giving each of these songs the best chance to succeed that we can. We have been so overwhelmed by the support we have had on our singles, so far. We have reached over 22,000 streams on Blank Check and gotten more nice comments on our music than we can count. So, thank you for that! 

On the other hand, we have been struggling with the reality that is self-funding an album (even with the help of crowdfunding) as an independent musician, paying our other bills to live personally and working all the other jobs that help keep us afloat from month to month. All of that on top of working full time as 7000apart. 

There have been many tears shed, both happy and sad. We are getting to the point that we don’t physically have enough time in a day to do everything that needs to be done. Which is kind of a good problem to have, but in the meanwhile it is challenging. All that to say, we are experiencing growing pains. Lots of them and it is hard. 

We aren’t making this as a pity post, but rather as a “you have to work incredibly hard to chase after your dreams” post. Don’t worry about us. We are not going to stop chasing after our dreams and we won’t give up. We have so much more to give. There are so many aspects of the journey that we enjoy, it is just a little challenging right now. 

It is rough. Incredibly rough to chase after your dreams. 

It is very easy to see why most people give up on their dreams and don’t go that extra mile because honestly, it takes a lot of, well…work. 

It takes long nights of pushing through even when you’re exhausted. It takes not having much of a social life or even time off for a while. Weekends don’t really exist. 

We want to encourage you to go the extra mile for whatever it is you want to do. We want to encourage you to not give up and even when you fall down to get back up again. 

If you believe in something enough and are proud enough of something you’ve done, then it is worth all the hard work and going the extra mile. 

Thank you for all your support throughout this album process. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. 

Always remember that “We Are More”… 


Amelie & Jon - 7000apart

7000apart April Newsletter 2019 

Happy April!


March was the first time we released new music since April of 2017 and we were absolutely blown away by your response to "Blank Check". You helped us get over 4,000 monthly listeners and 8,000 streams on Spotify this month...CRAZY! Here are some links to things you may have missed, we hope you enjoy!

Listen to Blank Check: click here
Blank Check (Official Music video): click here
Blank Check (Acoustic Live Version): click here

This coming Friday, April 5, our second single “Sorry” will be released digitally everywhere (Spotify, Apple Music, etc).


If you have Spotify you can pre-save our second single "Sorry": click here


We watched this month as the local pop station WIXX played Blank Check and we got some fantastic reviews from music critics. 

You can check out some reviews of Blank Check here:

Ear Coffee

Belter Radio United Kingdom


This month we released two videos for Blank Check, one music video that we recorded in Nashville and edited ourselves. The second video was a live acoustic video that Marc Golde recorded with us at Rock Garden Studio in Appleton. We’ve also been on multiple podcasts, done interviews and were grateful to help support the CP Telethon here in Green Bay.



WI Music Buzz (episode number 33)

Venture WI


We have so much exciting news coming up, including more singles and our debut album coming this year, make sure to follow our social media for updates.


Thank you so much for all of your support every single day, we couldn't do this without you!



Amelie & Jon - 7000apart

P.S. if you want to help support us further and get access to bonus material you can learn about becoming a Patron of ours on Patreon by clicking here.









FREE download of Blank Check ? 

7000apart Newsletter March 2019 

Happy March, 

Our debut single BLANK CHECK is now available everywhere! It's a very personal song for us about the time we almost broke up while being long-distance. 

Here are links to the main music streaming platforms, but you can find it everywhere: 

Here’s the link to Spotify and Apple Music directly: 


We are so incredibly proud of this song and of all the people involved in making it happen! Including our FANS, that’s YOU. Special thanks to the main pop station here in Green Bay 101 WIXX for premiering the song last night, it means a lot to hear what we’ve worked on for so long be played on the radio next to huge artists. We are so humbled and just want to say, thanks! 

For being our email subscriber we wanted to give you our debut single Blank Check for free (click here to download). We just ask that you please share the song with family, friends, and everyone else if you like it. 

We can’t wait for you to hear what we have coming up next. 

Thank you for the support you give every month! 



Amelie & Jon - 7000apart

Huge News Coming February 11th! 

7000apart Newsletter February 2019

It’s already February Newsletter time, where did January go!? 

We have a huge announcement on Monday, February 11th so look out for it on social media and your email! 

Now let's catch you up on what we’ve been up to since December 2018. We got back from our super productive and fun trip to Sweden January 10th, we had an awesome show the next day in Wisconsin and then left for Nashville three days later. With all of our traveling, this meant we weren’t home for nearly 6 weeks, which is most of 2019. 

In Nashville we stayed at Christian singer Amy Grant’s childhood home, which is on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful city skyline. We also wrote a song at SESAC (one of the U.S.’s 3 main publishing companies) with the very talented singer and artist Davis Mallory, did our first open mic in Nashville, went to see a songwriters round with incredibly talented songwriters who write hits for artists including our friend we met last time we were in Nashville. We also wrote and worked on a demo for a song with the audio engineer who worked on for King & Country’s latest album. Our trips to Stockholm and Nashville both blew our minds with how many talented and kind humans we met. 

Since being back from Nashville, where it was over 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celcius) one day, Wisconsin experienced the coldest polar vortex in a generation with arctic temperatures at nearly -26 degrees Fahrenheit (-32 Celsius) and a massive snowstorm, welcome home 80 degree temperature difference! Despite the weather change we’ve had such a fantastic nearly two months, but it is so incredibly nice to be home with our own stuff and being able to do normal everyday activities laundry. Oh, so much laundry! 

In February so far we went to the next town over, Appleton, where we worked with talented producer and videographer Marc Golde for the upcoming album. Have we said we are excited for you guys to see and hear all the things we’ve been working on yet!? 

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved with the release of the album, to our friends and fans who keep us going with 7000apart every month. To all the people who pledged to our Kickstarter, we wouldn’t be taking the next step in our career without you. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the new music coming out this year as much as we do! 


Amelie & Jon - 7000apart


Happy 2019! 

Happy New Year everyone! 

2018 was a fantastic year. We started a Patreon page, reached our Kickstarter goal to help fund our debut album, and have reached almost 200,000 views just on Facebook. We’ve spent a lot of time working on this album and it is still being worked on. In fact, just a couple days ago we finished up the last vocals here in Sweden. We’ve started to hear mixes of the album and we couldn’t be more excited. This album is going to be great! 

That being said, 2019 is going to be an even better year. We are going to be releasing our debut album, a bunch of music videos, we’ll be touring more, and we hope to achieve our goal to work only with 7000apart so we can do what we love even more. 

Thank you so much for all of your help in making 2018 a huge year for us, let’s make 2019 an even bigger year! 


Amelie & Jon - 7000apart