7000apart • Will Pfrang and The Goodland Gang - La Vie Boheme

La Vie Boheme, 421 George St, Ste 101, De Pere, Wisconsin 54115

7000apart is excited to come back to La Vie Boheme this time with Milwaukee pop rock trio, Will Pfrang and The Good Land Gang!

Show • 8:00pm // Free Admission


“We Are More” - together. The up-and-coming Swedish/American duo, 7000apart, is stepping into a high note of their music career by releasing their debut album, “We Are More”, shining a hopeful light on relationships and overcoming struggles.

The story began for this husband-wife duo with Amelie leaving Sweden to attend a U.S.A high school as an exchange student, where she met Jon and they fell in love. As Amelie’s exchange year ended, 7000apart was created as a way of keeping their relationship strong while being 7000 kilometers apart. After three years of long distance, they were reunited and got married. By then, their music project had grown from having something in common to a passionate career pursuit.

“Organic pop” is the best way to label the genre of the album, with powerful vocals and inspirational songwriting. “We Are More” was recorded in the heart of Sweden and contains 10 songs that bring the listener on a journey of love, hope and overcoming struggles.

Will Pfrang and The Good Land Gang

Will Pfrang and The Good Land Gang are a pop rock trio out of Milwaukee, WI. Their influence from pop and heartland rock and roll shines through in connected live shows, inspired songwriting, and dynamic studio work. The group brings a unique sound to the modern listener with influence from Tom Petty to Alicia Keys. The group has released one project, The Good Land Pt.1 and is gearing up for the release of Pt.2. Their recently released single "Hold Me Back" has been received with rave review. The group was recently featured at Hi-Fives Top 5 Event showcasing Milwaukee's top artists at the historic Turner Hall Ballroom. The group is being booked all around the Midwest and is making it's debut appearance at Summerfest 2019. Will Pfrang and The Good Land Gang puts on a show you truly don't want to miss.