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7000apart Newsletter March 2019 

Happy March, 

Our debut single BLANK CHECK is now available everywhere! It's a very personal song for us about the time we almost broke up while being long-distance. 

Here are links to the main music streaming platforms, but you can find it everywhere: 

Here’s the link to Spotify and Apple Music directly: 


We are so incredibly proud of this song and of all the people involved in making it happen! Including our FANS, that’s YOU. Special thanks to the main pop station here in Green Bay 101 WIXX for premiering the song last night, it means a lot to hear what we’ve worked on for so long be played on the radio next to huge artists. We are so humbled and just want to say, thanks! 

For being our email subscriber we wanted to give you our debut single Blank Check for free (click here to download). We just ask that you please share the song with family, friends, and everyone else if you like it. 

We can’t wait for you to hear what we have coming up next. 

Thank you for the support you give every month! 



Amelie & Jon - 7000apart


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