7000apart, an indie-pop band started by Amelie Eiding and Jon Kresin to keep in touch while being apart in a long distance relationship, 7000 Kilometers apart. From Stockholm, Sweden to Wilmore, Kentucky. Now they are married and living in Green Bay, Wisconsin performing together around the country.

Their goal with their music is to spread a hopeful and positive message in order to help people around the world.

Amelie Eiding


Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Raised by vocal coach Mother and doctor Father. Started singing before she could talk and came along wherever mom was singing or teaching. As a part of a singing group she was able to be on stage and TV several times a year.

When she was 10, she got the opportunity to try out to be the Swedish voice for Lucy in Disney’s Narnia. She got the job, and many more followed. She has now used her voice for more than a hundred characters on Swedish television.

After her second year of high school, she decided to go to the U.S. as an exchange student. She ended up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she met Jon in Music Theory class!

After high school she attended the best musical theatre school in Sweden and continued her work as a voice actress. Now she lives in Green Bay and works with Let Me Be Frank Productions, Project Pink, and UW Fox.

Jon Kresin

Jonathan Kresin, was born and grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is now a graduate from Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.

His aspiration is to impact the world as much as he can in a positive way, through music. The path to help those in need has brought him all over both the United States and the entire world. He has interned in Nashville, Tennessee at an Artist management company working with managers. He also interned in Stockholm, Sweden at an overdubbing and voice acting company, working as an audio engineer.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications with an emphasis in Audio Production, at the age of twenty. He is excited to see where the future takes him on this road to be a force of positive change for people, one person at a time.