“Someone To Be” Lyrics

October 23, 2017 |

Someone To Be

Verse 1:
I push people out along with emotions
My life has no direction, no goal
I’m on this fast train, don’t know where it’s going
Can’t help but feeling not whole

I go up and down
Up and down
Up and down
I’m not stable where I am now

I have someone to be
And so much to give
There is so much to see
Before it ends

I have art to create
And people to meet
But this has to wait
Until tomorrow

Verse 2:
There’s beauty in pain, but not in apathy
My body’s forcing me to stop
All is turned off. My mind is unavailable.
I’m climbing, but can’t see the top



Sometimes we all need to get a break from this life
We’re not supposed to feel great all the time
‘Cause what is sunshine with no rain
We need loss to treasure gain
Soon I’ll get back on my feet