“Love Will Get Its Way” Lyrics

October 23, 2017 |

Love Will Get Its Way

Verse 1:
Where is your God, when there are children on the street
Walking to find a home, with no shoes on their feet
Fighting a war, for a man you’ve never met
Bombs lighting up the sky, for what insane gruesome end?

Take a step a little closer
Washington to London
Sing along to the same charade
All this money to guide us
As tears fall behind us
Hide our faces in the masquerade
I have to believe someday
That love will get its way
Love will get its way

Verse 2:
Sex is the match, and love the gasoline
Glamorize the fires, to sell every magazine
Fiction is easy, plus it sells more than fact
Ignorance is blissful, but the soul doesn’t stay intact


When children are so confused, that they start to sing the blues
Why does evil exist and death persist, why is there no other news?
My friends are all dead in their beds from these delusions in their heads
Why are there still no shoes on my feet?
Because bombs are flying over head
So few feed the unfed
Why isn’t there love but so much hate
Everything seems to negate
Our blood bleeds red words were said
We lost ourselves we’re all but dead
Why is there no hope to be found?