“Love Like That” Lyrics

October 23, 2017 |

Love Like That

Verse 1:
Love, our drug, can’t get enough
Infection, obsession, can’t give the habit up

Pre-chorus 1:
What can you do for me?
Perhaps this one is true
Maybe if you help me
Maybe then I can help you

I want to love and lay my life down
I want to let my heart resound
I want to give without conditions
Until all of me is in it

I need to heal the bonds between us
I need to stop being who I’m not
I need to change things for the better
Before what we have is forgot

Verse 2:
Amend, then pretend, that it’s not me it’s you
Imperfection, resentment, I’m not who I thought I knew

Pre-chorus 2:
In this fast paced life
Is there no slowing down?
If I can change somehow
Why do I not start now?


I want to love
I want to love like that
I want to love
And I want to be loved like that