Art For The Right Reason

March 2, 2017 |

It has been a while since I wrote a blog for our page and needless to say it has been a crazy six months since Amelie and I got married.  Big things have been happening! First car. First apartment. First EP. Work permits and visas. Founding a company and creating a brand. More than enough things to keep a twenty-one and twenty-two year old busy.

Today I wanted to discuss a topic that has been bothering me for a while now. Maybe it is a clichè topic that you have heard before, but maybe you have not and it could encourage you.

One thing that I am finding out about the music industry, even on a local scene, is how many musicians are in music for the wrong reason; but, also, how many are in it for the right reason.

Obviously to ask what the wrong reason is one must ask: What is the right reason to do music, or art for a living? Is it for the sole purpose of creating art? For the purpose of creating something unique, or trendy? For some sort of moral reason? For money? For fame? Why not all of these? People tend to look as musicians as needing to have some special reason for what they do, instead of just doing it because it is what they are good at. As an artist myself, I tend to fall into the trap that I need to have some reason for what I do. When in reality music is just how I express myself and what I am passionate about compared to other subjects. Maybe there is no better solution to why I do music than it is what I like to do.

Of course, artists who have a desire to help people is fantastic. From what I’ve found artists who desire only what’s best for themselves make it to a certain point and then they do not go on. The reason is…why would someone want to work with someone who does not have anyone else’s interest in mind? Especially in the professional realm of music, or art.
Another problem the world seems to have, on the opposite side of the selfish artist, is that artist’s themselves do not think their art should be compensated. Maybe this is because of the stigma in our society of the starving artists. So then the artist decides to not put their art on display, at all. What a shame.  I think it is quite fascinating that often some of the best artists, musicians, poets, writers, and painters in the world are not doing their art for a living, or even putting their art out on display at all for people to see, or hear. These are the “closet artists”. No, maybe you cannot make a complete living off of your art, but is not the expression of art worth expressing? Who cares if you cannot only live off and do your art right now! Maybe someday you will be able to only to your art? From a purely financial standpoint having supplementary incomes and skills is a fantastic thing. 

So my question, if you are on this end of the spectrum, is…WHY hide your art? If you have something to say through your art form..SAY IT! On the contrary, if you are on the selfish side of the spectrum, do not take yourself so seriously because no one else does. 


“Fame is easy to acquire; impact is much more difficult.”-Hans Rosling

Written by: Jonathan Kresin | A music producer and musician from Green Bay, Wisconsin in the band 7000apart