5 Ways To Get Rid Of Stress In Your Relationship

June 10, 2016 |


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Written By: Jonathan Kresin


Okay, so that title was basically all clickbait, I may have lied a little. But, you made it to the second blog. Congratulations.

This month all of our weekly blog adventures will be written on relationships. These are things, that work (mostly), that I’ve heard from friends, family, and from my own personal experiences. Of course, these things work all the time in relationships. Every person works the same way, RIGHT?!


1) Put it all out on the table.


Or floor, or bench, or wherever you happen to be… (By the way, the table is from IKEA. Shameless Sweden plug). I’m not sure what it is. But, I am sure you have a lot of it; because we all do.

In all seriousness, though. You need to communicate in everything you do with your S/O. The more things you do together, the more you need to communicate. But, in contradiction to what I just said, communication is also highly important if you aren’t doing lots together. You don’t want to become more separated.

You need to talk about the issues you’re having. Yes, you may not want to go and talk with your S/O if you’re upset with them. Yes, it may be awkward. But, like cleaning the toilet, it needs to be done.

2) Play Video Games.


No, not emotional games, those have probably already been played to some extent.

Now is the time for games that won’t make you want to punch each other, or maybe they will depending on how competitive you are. The best type of game to play is something where you can play together, as a cohesive unit. If you’re both nerdy, or even if you’re not, finding some games to play together can be very beneficial to taking out stress.

3) Work Out.


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Sure, working out helps yourself get rid of stress; but, as a couple, it is so nice to work out together.

That way, you feel the stress of life dissolve around you because your muscles hurt much more than any of the stress. On top of being healthy for your body and letting your stress from your muscles, you can also talk the whole time. Often, working out together has been some of our only time together on busy days, it’s so valuable.

It also releases endorphins in your body that take away pain. Fingers crossed, but I’m pretty sure “pain” includes the emotional pain of loving someone.

4) Make TIME for each other.


Katy Perry said it, not me. That’s how you know it’s true.

This might seem like really general advice, so let me get into it a little more.  What is the most important commodity in life? People have always been looking at commodities, as a physical thing. Of course, money is something that we all need to survive and get through life. Nonetheless, time is priceless, my friends. Okay, so I guess we do sell our time for money.

Point is, where you spend your time is very important. If you actually want to be with your S/O, show them. Spend time with them.

5) Watch Netflix, ACTUALLY Chill.


No, I’m not talking about what you may be thinking about… Gotcha though.

No…Actually watch TV, or a movie. Wow, I feel so old saying “watch TV”, I haven’t watched normal TV in years. Watching something together can take you out of your current situation and help you be able to come back to the stress once you’ve calmed down, without lighting your S/O’s prized possessions on fire (that never works). Watching Netflix, or another streaming source, is a great way to destress, but I don’t suggest relying only on it. You need to come back to reality at some point.

Follow a YouTuber together, we love Pewdiepie and Cutiepie. They’re so cute.

This can also work with audio books, or normal TV…I guess if you’re from that era of human existence.


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My name is Jonathan R. Kresin.  I am a music producer and audio engineer from Green Bay, Wisconsin; currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. My aspiration is to impact the world as much as I can in a positive way, through music. The path to help those in emotional need, including myself, has brought me all over both the United States and the entire world.  I graduated this year with the degree Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications with an emphasis in Audio Production, at the age of twenty. I am excited to see where the future takes me on this road to be a force of positive change for people, one person at a time.

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