10 Simple Things You Take For Granted In A Relationship

May 31, 2016 |

By: Jonathan Kresin


So many of us have been there. Yet, all of us think we are the only ones who are in it. We start a relationship in high school or college and think we can take on the whole world. Then, all of a sudden…BAM. You decide you want to be, or have to be, in different places. One of you goes to a different college. Or in our case, one of you lives in a different country.

Here are “10 Simple Things You Take For Granted In A Relationship”:

1) You miss holding hands. 


It’s the most stereotypical couple thing to do. It might seem like such a small thing, but without it, you miss all those little fingers in between your little fingers. Holding hands are most definitely something every couple should never take for granted.

2) Having someone to talk to.


(Especially with a time difference).

You can’t tell them all the good, or bad, things that happen right away. Often they are asleep, or in class, or at work. So, when you can finally talk with them, it’s like you’re Dory from Finding Nemo who forgets everything you wanted to tell them. Remember to talk to your hubby as often as you can!

3) Having a shoulder to cry on. 


You know those days that just really suck? Well, on those days imagine not having your significant other (S/O) there. It’s like the one thing in the whole world that could cheer you up isn’t there, as much as you want them to be. Even giraffes need a shoulder to cry on sometimes.

4) Cuddles.


Cuddles are amazing. No cuddles are not amazing. Period. Next time you cuddle your S/O, remember that there are many couples that would love to be in your position, both literally and figuratively.

5) Make out sessions. 


You forget how. It’s embarrasing. It’s awkward. Especially after months of being apart. You forget how to be “romantic” with your S/O, so often you’re like “how do we start this who process again?”. Don’t forget to give your prince, or princess some lovin’.

6) Going on dates. 


Dates are so important. When you can’t actually be in the same place physically, Facetime and Skype become your main date source. But, there are so many other more exciting things you could do. For example, go to an amusement park! No…I’m telling you, take your S/O to an amusement park because there are many couples who can’t and wish they could.

7) Celebrating life events. 


Birthdays, Valentines Day, New Years, Christmas. All of these events kind of just clutter your schedule and make life more challenging (especially if you forget, WHOOPS). But, they are SO valuable and SO fun to spend together if you let them be. Make sure to take your little piece of heaven somewhere nice the next event that comes around!

8) Growing together. 


Growing together is something one rarely realizes in the moment, but it’s so fun to look back on. Spend a moment on thinking about the fact that you didn’t know how to cook before meeting your S/O.  Or clean. Or use hygiene. Or be a decent human being. Couples learn so much together just by living life in the same wooden box (apartment). Don’t take that space you share together in that tiny apartment for granted.

9) Going on adventures. 


Life an adventure. Go out and get it. There are so many new experiences to try and why not try them with your cuddle buns?!

10) Being with your best friend. 


OKAY, maybe they aren’t your best friend. Gosh, just go with my assumption for one second. There is something special about being with your S/O and you should always remember to love them to the best of your ability. Remember, there are many couples that don’t get to be together like you do. Make the most of your life together and be the best you can for yourself and your little cupcake.

For those of you who are in a long-distance relationship with your significant other, long-distance is worth it. We promise. Amelie and I were in a long-distance relationship for 3 years and now it’s over, and no we didn’t break up. We are currently living together with her family in Stockholm, Sweden. We now have grandiose plans for the future set and are writing music, poetry, blogs, and lots more. Even more exciting than that we are engaged and plan to get married on August 6th of this year!